Tuesday Night Pickleball™ w/ the Arizona Pickleball League™

Week 6 Tuesday Night Pickleball with Arizona Pickleball League

(Alternative title: "Where have you been, Pickleball Parrot?")

Dear reader, I apologize for dropping the ball and failing the stated mission of this website: "Never miss a Pro Pickleball livestream again."

I haven't updated this website since Feb 2nd.  There's been approximately 1 million Pro tournaments since then.  <facepalm>

I believe most of you are aware that this website is maintained by me, Patrick Sullivan Jr., CEO of Jigsaw Health, and the creator of Tuesday Night Pickleball.

But you may not be aware that a few months ago, at the end of January, Jigsaw & PPA were unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement to continue our partnership/sponsorship, and as a result, Tuesday Night Pickleball featuring the PPA All-Stars was canceled for all of 2023.

I posted the following image / explanation on the Tournament Schedule page of this website:

TNP Jan 31 cancelled

Yes, it was sad news indeed.  But when life gives us lemons, our team makes Jigsaw Lemon-Lime Electrolyte Supreme™... ;-)

And that "experimental team style match" that we hosted on Tue Jan 31 in place of the PPA All-Stars was so fun, that it led to the creation of the new Arizona Pickleball League™:

What is the Arizona Pickleball League?

This new project has kept our team rather busy over the past two months and, candidly, I haven't been able to keep the PB Parrot updated. My apologies.  (On that note, I'm likely to discontinue this website, so I recommend signing up for each of the tours email list to keep up to date.)

"What's going on with the Arizona Pickleball League?"

As of today – Tue Apr 18 – the AZ PBL is entering Week 6 of our 10-week regular season. Here's the leaderboard of the 5 teams in the league:

Arizona Pickleball League Season 1 Standings as of Week 5

Tonight's match is a MUST WIN scenario for the Scottsdale Scorchers and the Surprise Stingers.  Why?  Both teams are 0-2, and only 4 out of 5 teams in the AZ PBL will make it to the play-offs in Weeks 11 & 12.  No one wants to be the lone team that has to stay home during the play-offs.

"Are these two teams bad?"

No, both teams are fantastic!  Competition in the AZ PBL is stiff!  There are zero gimmes.

"Are these players as good as the PPA All-Stars?"

No. Not yet... But Craig Johnson & Kyle Koszuta of the Tempe Tornadoes did go toe-to-toe with Ben & Collin Johns during PPA Daytona last month, including an epic 109-point rally! So stay tuned on this front...  ;-)

"Can I buy tickets to attend?"

Yes. Tickets to attend are available for sale on ArizonaPBL.com. And all 128 guests are VIPs – everyone gets a great seat, and food & drinks are included with the price of admission.

"Can I watch online?"

Yes. But you'll need to pay $10/month to support the AZ PBL. (Please see: Pay to watch Pickleball? WTF?)

That being said, a free preview of each match is live-streamed on OrchardPickleball's YouTube channel from Pre-Game until the start of the second quarter.

"Did you just say second quarter?"

Yes, I did.  That another thing we're doing differently – The Orchard Team Scoring Format™ uses a 15 minute game-clock for each quarter, and the score is cumulative over the course of 4 quarters.

  • 1st Quarter - Mixed Doubles
  • 2nd Quarter - the other Mixed Doubles teams
  • 3rd Quarter - Women's Doubles
  • 4th Quarter - Men's Doubles

We use traditional, "side-out" scoring, where you can only score on serve. The clock runs continuously for the first 13 minutes; during the last 2 minutes, the clock only runs while the ball is in play.

More details available in the Arizona Pickleball League "Rules of the Road" (PDF).

"Do the players get paid?"

Yes.  Each player receives a $500 game check for each match they play in.  (Refs, GMs, support staff, etc. all get paid as well.)

"Can I play in the Arizona Pickleball League?"

Maybe. The roster for each of the 5 teams is already filled with talented players. So you'll need to be at least a 5.0+ player to have any hope of getting picked up by a GM. If you're interested, please read the Arizona Pickleball League "Rules of the Road" (PDF), then fill out this player application here.

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Bwraaaaack...Thx for using PickleballParrot.com!  ;-)

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