Upcoming Schedule for Pro Pickleball Tournaments

Finally, a comprehensive list of all the upcoming Pro Pickleball tournaments in chronological order for APP, PPA, MLP, and USAP through the end of 2023. Bwraaaaaack... You're welcome! ;-)

Please Note: All dates are based on when Pros will be playing because this site is focused on Pro Pickleball Livestreams. Sometimes amateur events will begin a day or two earlier at the larger tourneys, so the dates on other websites may be out of alignment with what's listed here. A log of "recent changes" is posted at the bottom of this page.  (And the entire history of all changes are listed on this page.)

Upcoming Tournaments (as of Mon Sep 25):

As of Mon Sep 25, the APP posted their 2024 Schedule.  But we're still waiting for PPA & MLP to release their 2024 schedule.

Most Recent Changes

As of Wed Aug 23...

  • MODIFIED Thu Nov 30 - Sun Dec 3: APP Houston Open TO BE Thu Oct 26 - Sun Oct 29: APP Houston Open
  • REMOVED Thu Oct 26 - Sun Oct 29: APP Hilton Head, SC
  • REMOVED Thu Oct 26 - Sun Oct 29: APP TBD PPA Pickleball.com World Championships (Rockwall, TX)  (ed. note - not sure what the heck this was... PPA?  APP?  TBD?  sorry y'all)
  • MODIFIED Thu Oct 12 - Sun Oct 15: PPA USA vs. World in Boca Raton, FL TO BE Thu Oct 19 - Sun Oct 22: PPA Boca Raton, FL (TBD?) based on PPA's website.
  • ADDED Thu Oct 26 - Sun Oct 29: PPA Hilton Head
  • MODIFIED Thu Nov 16 - Sun Nov 19: PPA Hertz Gold Cup from Orlando to Holy Hill, FL.

As of Tue May 30...

  • REMOVED Thu Jun 29 - Sun Jul 2: PPA Selkirk Boise Classic

All previous changes can be found here.

Completed Pro Events

For historical sake, here's a list of links to to the previous pro tournaments in reverse chronological order since I launched this site in August 2021. This index is useful if you want to find historical standings, brackets, etc.

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