Upcoming Schedule for Pro Pickleball Tournaments

Finally, a comprehensive list of all the upcoming Pro Pickleball tournaments in chronological order for APP, PPA, MLP, and USAP through the end of 2023. Bwraaaaaack... You're welcome! ;-)

Please Note: All dates are based on when Pros will be playing because this site is focused on Pro Pickleball Livestreams. Sometimes amateur events will begin a day or two earlier at the larger tourneys, so the dates on other websites may be out of alignment with what's listed here. A log of "recent changes" is posted at the bottom of this page.

2022 Pro Tournaments (Upcoming)

2023 Pro Tournaments

  • Thu Jan 12 - Sun Jan 15: PPA Hyundai Masters Powered by Invited (Palm Springs, CA) - Grand Slam
  • Thu Jan 12 - Sun Jan 15: APP Punta Gorda, FL
  • Thu Jan 19 - Sun Jan 22: APP Boca Raton, FL
  • Thu Jan 26 - Sun Jan 29: PPA Desert Ridge Open (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Thu Jan 26 - Sun Jan 29: MLP #1 - Las Vegas, NV @ Darling Tennis Center
  • Thu Feb 9 - Sun Feb 12: APP Daytona Beach, FL (Major)
  • Thu Feb 16 - Sun Feb 19: PPA Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam (Mesa, AZ)
  • Thu Feb 23 - Sun Feb 26: PPA Indoor National Championships (Lakeville, MN)
  • Thu Mar 2 - Sun Mar 5: APP St. Louis Open
  • Thu Mar 9 - Sun Mar 12: PPA Riverland Open (Valencia, FL)
  • Thu Mar 16 - Sun Mar 19: APP Delray Beach, FL
  • Thu Mar 23 - Sun Mar 26: PPA Austin Open by ClubCorp (Austin, TX)
  • Thu Mar 23 - Sun Mar 26: MLP #2 - Mesa, AZ @ Legacy Bell Bank Park
  • Thu Mar 30 - Sun Apr 2: APP Legacy Open (Mesa, AZ)
  • Thu Apr 6 - Sun Apr 9: PPA Built.com Red Rock Open (St. George, UT)
  • Thu Apr 27 - Sun Apr 30: APP Sacramento, CA
  • Thu May 4 - Sun May 7: APP So Cal (Major)
  • Thu May 11 - Sun May 14: APP Cincinnati, OH
  • Thu May 25 - Sun May 28: APP NYC (Spring Championship)
  • Thu Jun 15 - Sun Jun 18: MLP #3 - Los Angeles, CA @ Sherwood CC
  • Thu Jun 22 - Sun Jun 25: APP Canada (Location TBD)
  • Thu Jul 13 - Sun Jul 16: APP Los Angeles, CA
  • Thu Aug 24 - Sun Aug 27: APP Philadelphia, PA
  • Thu Aug 31 - Sun Sep 3: APP Chicago, IL (Major)
  • Thu Sep 7 - Sun Sep 10: APP New Jersey
  • Thu Sep 21 - Sun Sep 24: MLP #4 - Austin, TX @ Pickle Ranch East
  • Thu Sep 28 - Sun Oct 1: APP Atlanta, GA
  • Thu Oct 5 - Sun Oct 8: APP Dallas, TX (Major)
  • Thu Oct 19 - Sun Oct 22: APP Houston, TX
  • Thu Oct 26 - Sun Oct 29: APP Hilton Head, SC
  • Thu Nov 2 - Sun Nov 5: MLP #5 - Bradenton, FL @ GT Bray Recreation Center
  • Thu Nov 30 - Sun Dec 3: APP Mesa, AZ (Fall Championships)
  • Thu Dec 7 - Sun Dec 10: MLP #6 - Palm Springs, CA @ La Quinta Resort

Most Recent Changes

On Tue Oct 18 @ 10am -

On Mon Oct 17 @ 2pm -

  • ADDED the six MLP 2023 dates that were announced over the past weekend.
  • ADDED all the APP 2023 dates based on the following graphic from APP's website.

On Mon Aug 29 at 10am -

On Mon Aug 29 at 10:30am -

On Fri Aug 26 at 10am -

  • ADDED Tue Oct 4 @ 9pm ET / 6pm PT: Live from The Orchard @ Jigsaw Health, it's the third episode of Tuesday Night Pickleball™ featuring the PPA All-Stars – Callie Smith, Lindsey Newman, Allyce Jones, and Megan Dizon. Go to TuesdayPB.com to VOTE on teams.
  • ADDED Tue Oct 11 @ 9pm ET / 6pm PT: Live from The Orchard @ Jigsaw Health, it's the fourth episode of Tuesday Night Pickleball™ featuring the PPA All-Stars – Riley Newman, Tyler Loong, Callan Dawson, and Spencer Smith. Go to TuesdayPB.com to VOTE on teams.

On Thu Aug 4 at 8am -

On Wed Jun 1 at 1pm -

On Sun May 8 at 7am -

On Thu Apr 28 at 3pm -

On Mon Apr 18 at 3pm -

On Thu Mar 17 at 2pm -

  • During the PPA Riverland tournament last weekend, Jigsaw Health began running commercials for a new series, Tuesday Night Pickleball™ featuring the PPA All-Stars, live from The Orchard, the new indoor Pickleball venue being built by Jigsaw in Scottsdale AZ.  The two events that have been announced thus far are Tue Aug 2 (featuring Lucy Kovalova, Irina Tereschenko, Catherine Parenteau, Jessie Irvine) and Tue Aug 9 (featuring Ben Johns, Tyler Loong, AJ Koller, and Collin Johns). One night, one match, four pros – you choose the teams! Visit TuesdayNightPickleball.com to subscribe for updates.  (Voting starts in April.  Tickets will be available for sale in May.)
  • DUPR also announced some new Tuesday night events – First up is Tue Mar 22: "Dream Team vs. Challengers" (The Dream Team: Dekel Bar, Vivienne David, DJ Young & Lee Whitwell.  The Challengers: Anna Leigh & Leigh Waters, Adam Stone & Collin Johns.)  Next up on Tue Mar 29: "Battle of the Sexes" (Corrine Carr, Vivienne David, Lee Whitwell & Anna Bright vs. Altaf Merchant, Rick Witsken, Ryan Sherry and Matt Manasse.) Both events will be livestreamed to the Major League Pickleball YouTube page. Discover more at MyDUPR.
  • Major League Pickleball Season 2 is back!  12 teams will compete Fri Jun 3 - Sun Jun 5.  Discover more at Major League Pickleball.
  • Added a ? to PPA Rocky Mountain Championships (Denver) - 250 (Thu Jul 28 - Sun Jul 31) as the status of this tourney is unclear.  It's no longer listed on PT, but it is still listed on PPA's website.  Waiting for my sources to confirm if this tourney is happening or not.
  • The "PPA TBA" tournament that was listed for mid-August in my list turned out to be TOC.  So now Wed Aug 17 - Sat Aug 20 will be the PPA Tournament of Champions (Brigham City, UT) - 1,000.
  • Removed PPA Toronto Open (Canada) - 1,500 Major (Thu Sep 22 - Sun Sep 25) as it's no longer listed on PPA's website.  (I believe it was canceled.)
  • The PPA Hyundai Masters (La Quinta, CA) - 1,500 Major has been moved from Thu Dec 8 - Sun Dec 11 to Thu Dec 15 - Sun Dec 18, and it looks like instead of La Quinta, it'll be held at Mission Hills Country Club in neighboring Palm Springs, CA.  It's also now listed as a "Grand Slam" vs. a "1,500 Major", though it unclear what the difference is.
  • Added this "Golden Ticket Qualifier", USA Pickleball Newport Beach Championships, $65K (Thu Jun 30 - Sun Jul 3). Hat tip to Matt Mayfield. :)
  • On Wed Mar 9 at 5pm - Bumped APP Espire Sports Prescott Open (Arizona) - Tier 1, $50K from Thu Apr 7 - Sun Apr 10 to Thu Dec 8 - Sun Dec 11. Added link for APP St. Louis Open and bumped the purse from $60K to $100K.  Added link for APP Cincinnati Open - Tier 2, $35K.  Added link for APP New York City and changed purse from TBA to $125K.  Added link for APP Indianapolis Open and changed purse from $40K to $35K.  Removed APP Pacific Northwest Classic (Bend, OR) - Tier 2, $25K (Fri Jul 29 - Sun Jul 31) from the list since it's no longer on APP's website. For January 2023, I added APP Mesa Open (Arizona) and APP Masters (Florida), but no specific dates are mentioned on APP's website yet.
  • On Wed Jan 12 at 9am - Bumped the first installment of Tuesday Night Pickleball @ The Orchard from Tue Apr 12 to Tue Aug 2 (due to construction delays). Added APP South Carolina Open (Camden), Tier 2, $40K (Fri Apr 15 - Sun Ari 17). Bumped APP Los Angeles Open from Fri Jun 10 - Sun Jun 12 to Fri Jun 24 - Sun Jun 26. APP New Jersey Open (Thu Aug 11 - Sun Aug 14) changed from a Tier 2 to Tier 1 event.
  • Bumped the first installment of Tuesday Night Pickleball @ The Orchard from Tue Apr 12 to Tue Aug 2 (delays on construction).
  • On Mon Dec 20 at 10am - I noticed that APP Delray Beach Open is now scheduled to happen a week earlier on Thu Mar 16 - Sun Mar 20 instead of Thu Mar 24 - Sun Mar 27.
  • On Sun Dec 19 at 8am - It appears that APP will be adopting PPA's "Championship Sunday" concept (which I think is great format!), and that means Pro events (at APP Tier 1 events) will now begin with Singles on Thursdays. Dates have been adjusted accordingly in the schedule below.  (In case you're wondering: There are currently 53 tournaments listed for 2022. The APP has 28 tourneys scheduled, PPA has 19, and 11 of the tourneys are on the same weekends – that's likely good news for Pros because it means a split field, but it's bad news for advertisers because it means a split audience.)
  • On Wed Dec 15 at 4pm - Removed PPA Waco (Thu Jun 23 - Sun Jun 26) from the schedule as it has been canceled.
  • On Mon Dec 13 at 5pm - Two updates to the 2022 calendar for PPA: PPA New York is now the PPA n2grate DC Open with the same dates as before (Thu Oct 6 - Sun Oct 9). Removed PPA Northern California Open (Thu Jul 14 - Sun Jul 17) since it's no longer listed on PT.
  • On Mon Dec 13 at 6pm - Lots of updates to the 2022 APP calendar:  APP Cancun Open is listed on PT as "To be rescheduled", and APP Guadalajara Open is Ameuter only, so both were removed.  APP Las Vegas Open now changed to APP St. Louis Open (Fri May 6 - Sun May 8). Removed APP Woodlands Open (Fri Feb 18 - Sun Feb 20) since it's no longer listed on APP's 2022 tournament schedule. Added links for APP Delray Beach Open (Fri Mar 25 - Sun Mar 27). Added APP Philadelphia Open (Fri Aug 25 - Sun Aug 28).  Removed APP French Open since it is Amateur's only. Added APP Houston Open (Fri Oct 14 - Sun Oct 16). Bumped the APP Austin Open from Fri Oct 7 - Sun Oct 9 to Fri Oct 21 - Sun Oct 23.  The APP Auburn Classic (Fri Sep 23 - Sun Sep 25) seems to now be the APP Alabama Classic (Fri Oct 7 - Sun Oct 9).  Bumped APP Hilton Head Open to Fri Oct 28 - Sun Oct 30.  Added APP World Pickleball Classic (Florida) Fri Nov 18 - Sun Nov 20.

Completed Pro Events

For historical sake, here's a list of links to PickleballTournaments.com to the previous pro tournaments in reverse chronological order since I launched this site in August 2021. This index is useful if you want to find historical standings, brackets, etc. on PT.

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