About Pickleball Parrot

This site was created in August 2021 because as Pickleball Addicts ourselves, we found it difficult to figure out when the next Pro Pickleball livestreams were going to take place.

Hi, we’re Patrick & Ashley, and we run Jigsaw Health, the "OG" hydration & nutrition partners for Pickleball Addicts just like you!

Patrick Sullivan & Ashley Leroux at Pickleball Courts

We love to watch Pro Pickleball!

But………… in the past, it’s often felt like a challenge to figure out what day each pro event would happen…

And we didn’t generally know when the livestream would start…

Or what channel/platform it would be on…

If this was happening to us, we figured maybe it was happening for others as well?

So with the help of our wonderful creative team at Jigsaw Health, we created PickleballParrot.com in one day.

We just wanted a simple, easy to use website that would show all the relevant details for upcoming Pro Pickleball Livestreams on a single page. So that’s what we built.

For the brand name, we figured, how about an animal that starts with the letter “P” so that people could easily remember it.

So how about a parrot? Parrots can talk, right? Sure why not…

(True story, we started to create a site called Pickleball Pelican because we thought, “Yeah, pelicans are what deliver babies into the world…That could be cute!” A few hours later we realized, “Oh crap, we were thinking of a stork.” <facepalm> So we back tracked, and designed this cute Pickleball Parrot instead…)

Pickleball Parrot Logo

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Patrick & Ashley
Wednesday July 14, 2021


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