"The 'Drive to Survive' of Pickleball" -Catherine Parenteau

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Is this an April Fools joke? Nope.

"Breaking Pickleball" is the first ever Pickleball docuseries. And Ep1 just dropped today, on Monday April 1st. (Seriously.)

We might not have million dollar race cars smashing into walls at Monaco. But the sports documentary “formula” still works plenty fine for Pickleball. 😁

Follow the players, follow the teams, and follow season 1 of the Arizona Pickleball League in “Breaking Pickleball: Rallies, Rivals & Rubber Chickens.”

Watch the trailer on BreakingPickleball.com. Then sign up and receive a private YouTube link to watch Episode 1 right now, plus get entered to WIN FREE SELKIRK PADDLES FOR LIFE. (Winner chosen at the end of April.)

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