Tuesday Night Pickleball™ @ The Orchard - Tue Aug 2

TNP Aug 2

Bwraaaaack!!  Good morning dear readers!  We've got a TON of Pickleball this weekend with MLP, PPA, and the Gamma Classic happening.  (Stay tuned for more posts coming later today...)

But first, an apology from yours truly – of all the events I could have missed, can you believe I forgot to send an email for my team's first Tuesday Night Pickleball @ The Orchard?  <facepalm>

The short version of the story is that we were all working so hard to prepare the facility for our first event that I completely forgot to write an email to you on Tuesday morning. <facepalm, again>

The moral of the story is that you should always try and get your certificate of occupancy for your new building slightly more than 24 hours before your first television event.  <yeah, another facepalm>

As a result, our first broadcast had a few mistakes and miscues.  Nothing terrible. And all fixable in the future.  It just wasn't the flawless production we intended to pull off.  (If there is such a thing?  LOL!)

So please enjoy this replay of an AMAZING match featuring Irina Tereschenko & Catherine Parenteau vs. Lucy Kovalova & Jessie Irvine.  The atmosphere at The Orchard was electric, and the ladies put on quite a show!

TNP Aug 2 video preview

PS - And if you didn't know already, you can vote for the teams of our next match-up at TuesdayPB.com on Tue Aug 9 featuring Ben Johns, Collin Johns, Tyler Loong, and AJ Koller.

Tue Aug 9

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