Tue Nov 7: Scorchers vs. Stingers (Week 7 of AZ PBL)

Scorchers vs. Stingers

The Arizona Pickleball League consists of 5 pro teams.  Each team plays every other team during the regular season.  But only 4 teams move on to the play-offs; 1 team stays home.

Going into week 7, the reigning champ, Scottsdale Scorchers, and the Surprise Stingers find themselves in 4th & 5th place.

Which makes this match a MUST WIN for both teams!

The Scorchers recently added Pesa Teoni & Christa Gecheva back to their roster, which is rounded out by Caden Nemoff & Jess Wilcox.

Meanwhile, The Stingers – Alex Walker, Angie Walker, Nico Montoya, and Adrian Legarreta – have been this close in their first two matches of the season.  Will they finally break through in Week 7?

Who will prevail?  Which team wants it more?  Find out Tue Nov 7.  The play-offs are calling…

HOW TO WATCH: Livestreaming on YouTube – Tue Nov 7 @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 6pm AZ time. (PLEASE NOTE: this week’s broadcast is an hour earlier because of daylight savings time, which Arizona does not participate in, because...you know, whatever.)

In case you didn't know, here at the Arizona Pickleball League, we don't care...we pickle.

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