Tue Nov 28: Gladiators vs. Stingers (Week 10 of AZ PBL)

Gladiators vs. Stingers

If you love Pro Pickleball – and I know you do – you're in for a treat over this next week because every league in existence is holding an event. Tonight is Arizona Pickleball League. Thursday starts APP Indoor and PPA Finals. And next Monday (Dec 4) is MLP Season 2 Playoffs! Let the binging begin! 😄

Tonight is Week 10 of AZ PBL. The final match of the regular season. A match-up between the 3-0 Gilbert Gladiators vs the 0-3 Surprise Stingers…

You might think a match like this wouldn't matter.

You'd be wrong.

If the 0-3 Stingers win, they will sneak into the playoffs, and knock the 1-3 Scottsdale Scorchers out of the playoffs thanks to point differential…

If the Stingers win BIG — by at least 18 points — they knock the 3-0 Gladiators out of the top seed, and the 3-1 Peoria Pythons will close out the season in 1st place.

Therein lies the beauty of the Arizona Pickleball League… all the story lines and possibilities that take place as we wind our way through the 10 week regular season, and prepare for the playoffs!

Season Standings after Week 9

The Gladiators: Ashlee Candelaria, Arielle Butler, Augie Ge, and Craig Johnson.

Gilbert Gladiators Roster

The Stingers: Alex Walker, Angie Walker, Adrian Legarreta, and Nico Montoya.

Surprise Stingers Roster

HOW TO WATCH: Livestreaming on YouTube – Tue Nov 21 @ 8pm ET / 6pm AZ time / 5pm PT.

PS - A special note on AZ PBL playoff tickets... after tonight's match, the playoff seedings will be finalized, and tickets for Semi-Final #1 & #2 will go on sale Wed Nov 29 at 5pm Arizona time.

Tickets for The Orchard Championship Cup will go on sale Wed Dec 13 at 5pm, after both playoff games have finished.

Links for tickets will be available at ArizonaPBL.com.

Here at the Arizona Pickleball League, we don't care...we pickle.

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