Tue Nov 14: Scorchers vs. Tornadoes (Week 8 of AZ PBL)

Scorchers vs Tornadoes

Is there a rivalry brewing in the desert?

Since the inception of the Arizona Pickleball League in January 2023, the Scottsdale Scorchers and the Tempe Tornadoes have faced each other 3 times… 

Their first match was the first match in the history of the league. A sort of "pre-season" prototype match, if you will.  

It took place on January 31, 2023.  A mere 286 days ago…  

At halftime, The Scorchers were up by 1 point.

After the end of the 3rd quarter, the Tornadoes had taken a 1 point lead.

The fourth quarter was some of the best Pickleball ever witnessed…  

SPOILER ALERT: The Scorchers came from behind to win the match, 50-47.  

This match essentially gave birth to the Arizona Pickleball League.  (Rewatch this “instant classic” here.)

The second match between these two teams was 216 days ago.  In Week 5 of season 1, the Tornadoes exacted their revenge in a resounding 62-47 victory, marching their way to a perfect 4-0 record in the regular season.

But 167 days ago, a revamped and rejuvenated Scorchers got the last laugh in the Semi-Finals, knocking the #1 seeded Tornadoes out of the playoffs with a 67-43 victory.

The Scorchers rode that momentum to win the inaugural Orchard Championship Cup!

Fast forward to the present time, and as we enter Week 8 of Season 2, the Tornadoes have a record of 1-1; the Scorchers stand at 1-2.

Both teams are likely to make the playoffs. The winner of the match is likely to face the Peoria Pythons. But the loser is likely to face the so far undefeated juggernaut, Gilbert Gladiators.

Season Standings as of Week 7

Needless to say, there’s a lot riding on this rivalry match!  Who wants it more?

The Scorchers: Jess Wilcox, Christa Gecheva, Pesa Teoni, & Caden Nemoff.

The Tornadoes: Jen Tavernier, Dana Raugust, Kyle Koszuta, & Cooper Frat.

HOW TO WATCH: Livestreaming on YouTube – Tue Nov 14 @ 8pm ET / 6pm AZ time / 5pm PT.

In case you didn't know, here at the Arizona Pickleball League, we don't care...we pickle.

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