The Hyundai PPA Masters: Thu Nov 11 - Sun Nov 14, 2021 (Recap)

PPA Masters


  • Pro Men's Singles – Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Jw Johnson.
  • Pro Women's Singles – Anna Leigh Waters, Lea Jansen, Catherine Parenteau.
  • Pro Mixed Doubles – Lucy Kovalova & Matt Wright, Lindsey Newman & Riley Newman, Anna Leigh Waters & Tyson McGuffin.
  • Pro Men's Doubles – Ben Johns & Matt Wright, Tyson McGuffin & Riley Newman, Erik Lange & Dekel Bar.
  • Pro Women's Doubles – Catherine Parenteau & Jessie Irvine, Irina Tereschenko & Lauren Stratman, Lea Jansen & Vivienne David.


  • Sr. Pro Men's Singles – Mattias Johansson, Paul Olin, Mark Milner.
  • Sr. Pro Women's Singles – Nathalie Bagby, Lar Marmelstein, Mary Beth Henthorne.
  • Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles – Kris Anderson & Dave Weinbach, Beth Bellamy & Dayne Gingrich, Eva Welsher & Scott Moore.
  • Sr. Pro Men's Doubles – Dave Weinbach & Dayne Gingrich, Scott Moore & Scott Crandall, Kevin Booth & Paul Olin.
  • Sr. Pro Women's Doubles – Nathalie Bagby & Beth Bellamy, Yvonne Ting & Mary Helen Atkins, Natalie Hill & Yannet Brister.

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HOW TO RE-WATCH: Find the matches on PPA’s YouTube channel.

ANALYSIS: Slim & Gritty give their 5 take-aways from PPA Masters. (Disclaimer: Once again, I have no affiliation with this site, I don't know who the authors are, and I don't agree with everything that they write, but I appreciate their commentary.)

The following was written before the tournament began...


  • This tournament will be played at La Quinta Resort and Club in La Quinta, California. The pros will be playing in all white get ups, Wimbledon-style.
  • Weather forecast for La Quinta looks good...sunny and hot, no sign of rain!
  • In Men's Pro Singles (Thursday), there's a large field of 36 competitors! Likely favorites include Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Jay Devilliers, Jw Johnson, Dekel Bar, AJ Koller, Gabriel Joseph, Ryan Sherry, and Tyler Loong.
  • In Women's Pro Singles (also Thursday), the field has 13 contestants. Likely favorites include Anna Leigh Waters, Catherine Parenteau, Callie Smith, Lea Jansen, Irina Tereschenko, Jill Braverman, and Lauren Stratman.
  • In Mixed Pro Doubles (Friday), we have 29 teams in the field.  Some of the likely favorites include Simone Jardim & Ben Johns, Lucy Kovalova & Matt Wright, Anna Leigh Waters & Tyson McGuffin, Lindsey Newman & Riley Newman, Lea Jansen & Jay Devilliers, Catherine Parenteau & Tyler Loong, Jill Braverman & Adam Stone, Callie Smith & Dekel Bar, Jessie Irvine & DJ Young, AJ Koller & Christine McGrath, Susannah Bar & Collin Johns, Leigh Waters & Kyle Yates, Irina Tereschenko & Callan Dawson, Vivienne David & Erik Lange, Michelle Esquivel & Rob Cassidy.
  • In Women's Pro Doubles (Saturday), we have 13 teams in the draw.  Likely favorites include Simone Jardim & Lucy Kovalova, Leigh Waters & Anna Leigh Waters, Catherine Parenteau & Jessie Irvine, Lindsey Newman & Callie Smith, Vivienne David & Lea Jansen, Lauren Stratman & Irina Tereschenko, Jill Braverman & Susannah Barr.
  • In Men's Pro Doubles (also Saturday), we have 28 teams in the draw. Likely favorites include Ben Johns & Matt Wright, Riley Newman & Tyson McGuffin, Dekel Bar & Erik Lange, Adam Stone & Collin Johns, Rob Nunnery & Jw Johnson, AJ Koller & Callan Dawson, Tyler Loong & Spencer Smith, Jeff Warnick & Joey Farias, Bryan Ashworth (aka. "The Beard") & Kyle Yates. Notably absent: Jay Devilliers & Pat Smith, which is weird because Jay is listed to play singles & mixed.

WHO: Full team & player list available here at

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