PPA Acrytech Atlanta Open: Thu May 19 - Sun May 22, 2022

PPA Atlanta Open

Update on Thu May 19 at 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT, from NML Live blog:  "It was announced that Jay Devilliers is still stuck in France so he will not be competing at the first PPA Grand Slam of the year. Not ideal for Jay. That puts Jessie Irvine with Kyle Yates and Tyson McGuffin back with Tyler Loong. Again, no Ben or JW in singles. Lots of action to come all weekend."


  • Thu May 19 - Singles for Pro Men & Women
  • Fri May 20 - Pro Mixed Doubles; Men's Sr. Pro Singles
  • Sat May 21 - Pro Women's Doubles & Pro Men's Doubles; Mixed Doubles Sr. Pro
  • Sun May 22 - Championship Sunday; Men's Doubles Sr. Pro


  • Thursday - Saturday matches will be streamed to PPA’s YouTube channel and PPA’s Facebook page from, I believe, 10am ET / 7am PT until approx 5pm ET / 2pm PT.
  • I believe that Saturday's four semi-final gender doubles matches (starting at 2pm ET / 11am PT) will be broadcast exclusively to Tennis Channel. (Update 1: Not sure if this is exclusive or not. Stay tuned... Update 2: The original bullet point was incorrect – all coverage of PPA Atlanta Open will be streamed on PPA’s YouTube channel and PPA’s Facebook page all tourney long.)
  • Championship Sunday schedule will be announced on Saturday.  Please subscribe to this website (or refresh this page) for updates.


  • This tournament will be played at the Life Time Peachtree Corners.
  • Weather forecast for Peachtree Corners, GA looks pretty toasty with an 80% chance of thunderstorm on Sunday.
  • This is a Major/1500, so lots of PPA points on the line this weekend.
  • In Women's Doubles Pro, Leigh & Anna Leigh Waters are back; interesting / new-ish teams: Yana Grechkina & Regina Franco, Simone Jardim & Jorja Johnson.
  • In Men's Doubles Pro, possibly the largest draw I've ever seen with 41 teams. Usual suspects Ben Johns & Collin Johns, Matt Wright & Riley Newman are likely the 1 and 2 seeds; other interesting / new-ish team ups: Jw Johnson & Dekel Bar, Kyle Yates & Pat Smith, Tyler Loong & Julian Arnold; Jay Devilliers is playing again and teamed up with Tyson McGuffin once again.
  • In Mixed Doubles, Ben Johns & Anna Leigh Waters are back again; interesting / new-ish teams: Simone Jardim & Jw Johnson, Regina Franco & Julian Arnold, Lauren Stratman & Dylan Frazier.
  • Slim & Grittty Fantasy Draft.

WHO: Full team & player list available here at PickleballTournaments.com.

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