MLP 2023 Tourney #1 (Mesa): Thu Jan 26 - Sun Jan 29, 2023

MLP Mesa 2023

From MLP's website:

MLP MESA is our first event of the 2023 season that levels up the stakes by introducing two levels of play with our Premier and Challenger Levels.

Premier Level is home to the top 48 players drafted while Challenger Level boasts the next crop of 48 draftees looking to make their ascension to the top of the league.

Each level consisting of 12 teams respectively (for a total of 24 teams) will make their way to this four-day event in a winner take all battle for the trophy. Two levels of competition mean double the matches, double the contenders, double the champions, and the largest prize money in all of professional pickleball!

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MLP Mesa runs Thu Jan 26 - Sun Jan 29. Weather forecast looks rather chilly in Mesa, but at least no rain.

HOW TO WATCH: Scheduled details sod links to watch are available on MLP's website here.

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