MLP 2022 Tourney #3 (Columbus): Fri Oct 14- Sun Oct 16, 2022

MLP Columbus

From MLP's website:

MLP COLUMBUS is a three day event that pitches 48 players across 12 Majors League Pickleball teams in a winner takes all battle for the title of champion and the largest purse ($100,000) in professional pickleball.

MLP runs Fri Oct 14 - Sun Oct 16 and will be held at Pickle & Chill, with indoor and outdoor courts. (Weather forecast looks kinda Autumn, high 30s to low 60s.)

HOW TO WATCH: I believe streaming will begin each day at approx 9:30am ET / 6:30am PT on MLP's YouTube channel and MLP's Facebook page, or on MLP's website.  And it looks like Sunday's final match will be broadcast to CBS Sports. (How to watch CBS Sports)

WHO: Player roster for all 12 teams is listed here.

And for more info, check out MLP's website.

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