MLP 2022 Tourney #1: Fri Jun 3 - Sun Jun 5, 2022


Sunday morning update (times CT)

Saturday morning update (times in CT):

WHEN & WHAT: Major League Pickleball is back with 12 teams and 3 tournaments scheduled for 2022.  And the winning team (of 4 players) splits a prize purse of $100K, the largest payout in Pro Pickleball history!

The tourney runs Fri Jun 3 - Sun Jun 5 and will be held at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX. (Weather forecast looks hot and humid.)

HOW TO WATCH: I believe streaming will begin each day at approx 9am ET / 6am PT on MLP's YouTube channel and MLP's Facebook page, or on MLP's website.  And I believe that Sunday's final championship match will be broadcast to CBS Sports.

WHO: Player roster for all 12 teams is listed here.

ANALYSIS: For insight check out Slim & Gritty's "draft grades" here.

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