Minto US Open: Sun Apr 24 - Sat Apr 30, 2022

US Open

WHEN & WHAT: The following is based on the schedule published here.

  • Sun Apr 24 - Pro Singles; Sr. Pro Singles.
  • Mon Apr 25 - Pro & Sr. Pro Split Age Gender Doubles.
  • Tue Apr 26 - Pro & Sr. Pro Split Age Mixed Doubles.
  • Wed Apr 27 - Sr. Pro Men's Doubles.
  • Thu Apr 28 - Sr. Pro Women's Doubles; Pro Mixed Doubles "Qualifier".
  • Fri Apr 29 - Pro Gender Doubles; Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles.
  • Sat Apr 30 - Pro Mixed Doubles; Pro Finals (Mixed, Women's and Men's).
US Open Schedule of Pro Events



  • This tournament will be played at East Naples Community Park in Naples, FL.
  • The weather forecast for Naples, FL looks hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.  So basically, your typical Florida weather.
  • In MXD – Ben & Simone are teaming up again to defend their 2021 US Open crown; Lindsey Newman who very recently gave birth to her second child (congrats!) will be back on the court with her brother, Riley Newman; Catherine Parenteau & Tyson McGuffin are teaming up for I believe the first time, as are Jessie Irvine & Tyler Loong.
  • In Women's Doubles, we'll get to see a few interesting first time partnerships: Simone Jardim & Lauren Stratman, Lindsey Newman & Jessie Irvine, Anna Bright & Regina Franco (who also just became a mom pretty recently, congrats!)
  • In Men's Doubles, we'll also get to see a couple of new partnerships: Tyson McGuffin & Tyler Loong, Jw Johnson & Eden Lica, Pat Smith & Andrei Daescu.
  • Noticeably absent from the US Open: Leigh & Anna Leigh Waters, and Jay Devilliers.

WHO: Find the full player list and brackets on

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