Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships: Tue Dec 7 - Sun Dec 12, 2021 (Recap)

USAP Nationals


  • Mixed Doubles: Lindsey & Riley Newman, Lucy Kovalova & Matt Wright, Anna Leigh Waters & Tyson McGuffin.
  • Women's Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters & Leigh Waters, Irina Tereschenko & Lea Jansen, Catherine Parenteau & Jessie Irvine.
  • Men's Doubles: Tyson McGuffin & Riley Newman, Callan Dawson & Jw Johnson, Wes Gabrielsen & Erik Lange.
  • Women's Singles: Anna Leigh Waters, Jill Braverman, Irina Tereschenko.
  • Men's Singles: Tyson McGuffin, Zane Navratil, Jw Johnson.


  • Mixed Doubles: Jennifer Dawson & Dayne Gingrich, Kris Anderson & Dave Weinbach, Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu.
  • Women's Doubles: Cammy MacGregor & Jennifer Dawson, Kris Anderson & Nathalie Bagby, Beth Bellamy & Anna Shirley.
  • Men's Doubles: Dave Weinbach & Dayne Gingrich, Kevin Booth & John Sperling, Scott Crandall & Scott Moore.
  • Women's Singles: Jennifer Dawson, Julie Johnson, Cammy MacGregor
  • Men's Singles: Mattias Johansson, Paul Olin, Scott Fliegelman.

Congrats to Jen Dawson on a TRIPLE CROWN!

HOW TO RE-WATCH:  Many of the matches can be found on the 2021 USA Pickleball National Championships YouTube channel. Play-offs and GOLD medal matches can be found only on ESPN+ (Ways to watch ESPN+).

TIDBITS OF INTEREST (written before the tournament began):

  • This tournament is played at the beautiful Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California, which boasts the largest center court in all of Pickleball.
  • Weather forecast for Indian Wells looks decent. Slight chance of rain Tuesday and Thursday.
  • There are 2,380 players registered for Nationals, making this the largest tournament of the year.  However, you'll notice in the breakdowns below that the Pro draws are rather sparse this year, almost certainly because Indian Wells Tennis Garden is requiring proof of vaccination to be anywhere on the grounds. I make no judgement on people's personal vax decisions either way – your body, your choice.  And as I understand it, USAP worked extremely hard to overturn the rule set by the owners of Indian Wells, and/or to make accommodations for natural immunity, and/or have on-site COVID rapid testing.  But they did not prevail.  Suffice it to say, this has stirred up a lot of controversy this year as "Nationals @ Indian Wells" was the crown jewel of Pickleball in 2019. But now, there are less Pros attending than any other tournament that's been held during in 2021. And, to the best of my knowledge, not a single "super-spreader" event has occurred during any of the 36 PPA and APP tournaments that have taken place this year. But I digress... Let's get to the breakdowns:
  • In Women's Sr. Pro Doubles (Tuesday), there's 11 teams in the draw. A few of the likely favorites include Cammy MacGregor & Jennifer Dawson, Kris Anderson & Nathalie Bagby, Helen Wilhelm & Julie Johnson, Alex Hamner & Jennifer Lucore, Beth Bellamy & Anna Shirley, Yvonne Ting & Jane Paulson.
  • In Men's Sr. Pro Singles (also Tuesday), there's 12 competitors in the draw. A few of the likely favorites include Mattias Johansson, Paul Olin, Scott Moore, Mircea Morariu, David Spearman, Dan Granot, Marius Mitrofan, and Glenn Lucey.
  • In Men's Sr. Pro Doubles (Wednesday), there's 17 teams in the draw. A few of the likely favorites include Dave Weinbach & Dayne Gringrich, John Sperling & Kevin Booth, Mills Miller & Jose Derisi, Tao Thongvanh & Glenn Lucy, Paul Olin & Dave Fleming, Scott Crandall & Scott Moore, Mircea Morariu & Dan Granot, Julio Rivera & Marrias Johansson.
  • In Women's Sr. Pro Singles (also Wednesday), there's 7 competitors in the draw: Cammy MacGregor, Jennifer Dawson, Nathalie Bagby, Julie Johnson, Yvonne Ting, Clare Grabher, and Carolyn Wei.
  • In Men's Pro Singles (Thursday), there's 13 competitors in the draw. Likely favorites include Tyson McGuffin, Jw Johnson, Zane Navratil, Dekel Bar, Jack Foster, Frank Anthony Davis, John Cincola, Daniel Roditi, and Wes Gabrielsen.
  • In Women's Pro Singles (also Thursday), there's 6 competitors in the draw: Anna Leigh Waters, Lea Jansen, Irina Tereschenko, Jill Braverman, Mary Bascia, and Annica Cooper.
  • In Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles (also Thursday), there's 23 teams in the draw. Likely favorites include Kris Anderson & Dave Weinbach, Helen Wilhelm & Scott Crandall, Eva Welscher & Dave Fleming, Cammy MacGregor & Mills Miller, Jennifer Dawson & Dayne Gingrich, Nathalie Bagby & Julio Rivera, Yvonne Ting & Tao Thongvanh, Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu, Jennifer Lucore & Paul Olin, Beth Bellamy & Kevin Booth, Chris Karges & Scott Moore,  
  • In Mixed Pro Doubles (Friday), we have 17 teams in the field.  Likely favorites include Lucy Kovalova & Matt Wright, Lindsey Newman & Riley Newman, Catherine Parenteau & Jw Johnson, Anna Leigh Waters & Tyson McGuffin, Irina Tereschenko & Callan Dawson, Jessie Irvine & Jeff Warnick, Lea Jansen & Dekel Bar, Leigh Waters & Dave Weinbach, Susannah Barr & Wes Gabrielsen, Andrea Koop & Zane Navratil.
  • In Women's Pro Doubles (Saturday), we have 7 teams in the draw.  Likely favorites include Leigh Waters & Anna Leigh Waters, Catherine Parenteau & Jessie Irvine, Lucy Kovalova & Andrea Koop, Irina Tereschenko & Lea Jansen.
  • In Men's Pro Doubles (also Saturday), we have 10 teams in the draw. Likely favorites include Riley Newman & Tyson McGuffin, Matt Wright & Dekel Bar, Erik Lange & Wesley Gabrielson, Jw Johnson & Callan Dawson, and Altaf Merchant & Zane Navratil; Sr. Pro favorites Dave Weinbach & Dayne Gringrich are also registered for this Pro division.

WHO: Full team & player list available here at

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