DUPR: Battle of the Sexes, Tue Mar 29, 2022

DUPR: Battle of the Sexes, Tue Mar 29, 2022

DUPR Battle of the Sexes

What is DUPR?  DUPR stands for "Dreamland Universal Pickleball Rating" system.  A system that is genderless, ageless, and location-less.  "Pickleball’s Most Accurate Global Rating System."

In other words, if your DUPR is higher than mine, you should beat me most of the time, regardless of your gender, age, or where you usually play.

Essentially, the goal of DUPR is to eliminate sand-bagging (or at the very least, drastically reduce it) in order to have fair match play.

HOW TO WATCH: The livestream will be starting at 7pm CT (8pm ET / 5pm PT).  And will be broadcast to APP’s YouTube Channel and APP’s Facebook page.  (As well as MLP's YouTube & Facebook, and DUPR's YouTube & Facebook...so choose the comment feed you like the best. :)