APP Pacific Northwest Classic: Wed Jul 28 - Sun Aug 1, 2021 (Recap)

APP Northwest Classic


  • Women's Doubles Pro - Michelle Esquivel & Lauren Stratman, Susannah Barr & Lee Whitwell, Megan Hall & Annica Cooper

  • Women's Doubles Sr. Pro - Beth Bellamy & Anna Shirley, Yvonne Ting & Jas (yas) Stefanovic, Kim Jagd - Jane Paulson

  • Women's Singles Pro - Lauren Stratman, Annica Cooper, Lee Whitwell

  • Men's Doubles Pro - Jay Devilliers & Jw Johnson, Wesley Gabrielsen & Erik Lange, Dylan Frazier & Matthew Chou

  • Men's Doubles Sr. Pro - Dayne Gingrich & John Sperling, Kevin Booth & Enrique Ruiz, Scott Crandall & Mircea Morariu

  • Men's Singles Pro - Jay Devilliers, Dylan Frazier, Jw Johnson

  • Men's Singles Sr. Pro - Mircea Morariu, Enrique Ruiz, Brian Capitani

  • Mixed Doubles Pro - Lauren Stratman & Jay Devilliers, Lea Jansen & Jw Johnson, Susannah Barr & Rob Cassidy

  • Mixed Doubles Sr. Pro - Beth Bellamy &Dayne Gingrich, Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu, Jane Paulson & Patrick Williams

Congrats to all those who battled their way to the podium!  Special congrats to Jay Devilliers & Lauren Stratman on winning a TRIPLE CROWN – GOLD in all 3 pro events.

HOW TO WATCH: Many of these matches can be found on the APPTV YouTube channel, thanks to Lauren McLaughlin's tireless efforts throughout the weekend.  Several matches can also be found on Scott Golden's Facebook page as well.

NEXT UP: PPA Takeya Showcase: Thu Aug 5 - Sun Aug 8, 2021

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