APP Mesa Open: Thu Jan 13 - Sun Jan 16, 2022 (Recap)

APP Mesa Open

Beautiful weather and fantastic Pickleball in Mesa, Arizona this past weekend! Apologies on the delayed recap email... Your friendly PB Parrot has had a very busy first half of the week.  Bwraaaaaaack!!  ;-)

To rewatch all the great matches, please visit APP’s YouTube Channel.

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  • Pro Mixed Doubles – Jessie Irvine & Jay Devilliers, Vivienne David & Dekel Bar, Lauren Stratman & Dylan Frazier.
  • Pro Men's Doubles – Austin Gridley & Jw Johnson, Spencer Smith & Callan Dawson, Dylan Frazier & Zane Navratil.
  • Pro Women's Doubles – Irina Tereschenko & Vivienne David, Jessie Irvine & Andrea Koop, Lauren Stratman & Lea Jansen.
  • Men's Pro Singles – John Cincola, Zane Navratil, Jw Johnson.
  • Women's Pro Singles - Irina Tereschenko, Jorja Johnson, Allyce Jones.


  • Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles – Beth Bellamy & Rick Witsken, Cammy MacGregor & John Sperling, Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu.
  • Sr. Pro Men's Doubles – Scott Crandall & Rick Witsken, Mircea Morariu & John Sperling, Dave Weinbach & Scott Moore.
  • Sr. Pro Women's Doubles – Jennifer Dawson & Cammy MacGregor, Nathalie Bagby & Beth Bellamy, Takako Tourangeau & Jane Paulson.
  • Sr. Pro Men's Singles – Mattias Johansson, Paul Olin, Mircea Morariu.
  • Sr Pro Women's Singles – Jennifer Dawson, Julie Johnson, Brenda Tilford.

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TIDBITS OF INTEREST (written before the tournament began):

  • This tournament will be played at the brand new Bell Bank Park / Legacy Sports venue in Mesa.  It's a gigantic new facility with 40+ dedicated Pickleball courts, and a covered championship court with seating for over 2,000.  Very exciting to see a new dedicated Pickleball venue on the scene!  Numerous tournaments will be held at this venue in 2022.
  • The APP has adopted the "Championship Sunday" concept from PPA, which I think is great!  Unclear if the format for APP will be best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5, and if it will be with or without an optional, double-elimination game to 15?  Stay tuned to this blog for updates.
  • There have been MASSIVE changes in the Pro Pickleball landscape over the past month.  In short, the PPA was acquired by a Dallas billionaire, and then APP teamed up with MLP, which is owned by an Austin billionaire. Fastest way to catch up on all that news is via Slim & Gritty's last several posts at No Man's Land Pickleball Blog.  (And again, my typical disclaimer: I have no connection to this blog, I don't know who they are, and I don't agree with everything they write, but I appreciate their opinions.)
  • Building on that last bullet point, PPA has reportedly signed ~30 players to exclusive 3 year contracts, including players like Jay Devilliers.  So why are Jay and other exclusive PPA athletes playing in this APP event?  Reportedly, because the PPA changes happened so quickly and suddenly, PPA is providing exemptions for players to participate in the first two APP events of 2022, APP Mesa Open and APP Boca Raton.
  • In Men's Pro Singles (Thursday), there's a field of 17 competitors. Likely favorites include Jay Devilliers, Jw Johnson, Ryan Sherry, Frank Anthony Davis, Dylan Frazier, Gabriel Joseph, Jack Foster, and John Cincola. (editor's note: Whoops!  Zane Navratil not being included in this list originally was an obvious oversight... Zane is always a favorite, especially in singles!)
  • In Women's Pro Singles (also Thursday), the field has 7 contestants. Likely favorites include Irina Tereschenko and Jorja Johnson.
  • In Mixed Pro Doubles (Friday), we have 17 teams in the field.  Some of the likely favorites include Jessie Irvine & Jay Devilliers, Lea Jansen & Zane Navratil, Lauren Stratman & Dylan Frazier, Corrine Car & Adam Stone, Lee Whitwell & Jw Johnson, Vivienne David & Dekel Bar, Irina Tereschenko & Erik Lange, Wes Gabrielsen & Susannah Barr, Jorja Johnson & Callan Dawson.
  • In Women's Pro Doubles (Saturday), we have 8 teams in the draw.  Likely favorites include Andrea Koop & Jessie Irvine, Lea Jansen & Lauren Stratman, Jorja Johnson & Lee Whitwell, Vivienne David & Irina Tereschenko, Sarah Ansboury & Corrine Car.
  • In Men's Pro Doubles (also Saturday), we have 11 teams in the draw. Likely favorites include Adam Stone & Dekel Bar, Callan Dawson & Spencer Smith, Zane Navratil & Dylan Frazier, Wes Gabrielsen & Erik Lange.

WHO: Find the full player list and brackets on

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