APP Masters Boca Raton: Thu Jan 20 - Sun Jan 23, 2022

APP Masters

Update as of Sun Jan 23 at 10:30am ET: I just found the schedule for today.  It was posted about an hour ago on on USA Pickleball's Facebook page.  I kept refreshing APP's Facebook page because, you know, it's the APP Masters.  But without my second cup of coffee, I forgot that this is one of the APP tourneys in conjunction with USA Pickleball, so I should have been checking USAP's page.  <facepalm> Anyways... Here's the official schedule for today:

The order of today's matches has not been posted anywhere online that I can find as of yet, but based on last weekend at APP Mesa Open, I'm presuming this is what we'll see today on Championship Sunday at APP Masters:

  • Women's Singles Bronze - Jorja Johnson vs. Yu-chieh Hsieh.
  • Men's Singles Bronze - Zane Navratil vs. Pablo Tellez.
  • Women's Singles Gold - Andrea Koop vs. the winner of Bronze.
  • Men's Singles Gold - Jw Johnson vs. the winner of Bronze.
  • Women's Doubles Bronze - Michelle Esquivel & Sarah Ansboury vs. Jade & Jackie Kawamoto.  
  • Men's Doubles Bronze - Eden Lica & Andrei Daescu vs. Dylan Frazier & Rob Cassidy.
  • Women's Doubles Gold - Simone Jardim & Andrea Koop vs. the winner of Bronze.
  • Men's Doubles Gold - Adam Stone & Dekel Bar vs. the winner of Bronze.
  • Mixed Doubles Bronze - Lee Whitwell & Jw Johnson vs. Jade Kawamoto & Dylan Frazier.
  • Mixed Doubles Gold - Vivienne David & Dekel Bar vs. the winner of Bronze.

Find the full player list and brackets on

HOW TO WATCH: The livestream will be starting at, I believe, 10am ET / 7am PT, on USA Pickleball's YouTube Channel, and then likely cutting over to EPSN+ only at about 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Sr. Pro matches

WEATHER: After battling rain Friday and Saturday, looks like clear skies in Boca Raton, FL today. :)

TIDBITS OF INTEREST (written before the tourney began):

  • This tournament will be played at the Patch Reef Tennis & Pickleball Center.
  • The APP adopted the "Championship Sunday" concept from PPA, but with a slight twist, which they introduced at APP Mesa Open last weekend – the Bronze matches were also played on Sunday, with the winner then advancing to the GOLD match in a best 2 out of 3.
  • On Wed Jan 19, a Pro "Split Age" division was played. It was not livestreamed, but the GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE winners were: Dave Weinbach & Zane Navratil, Mircea Morariu & Jw Johnson, Rick Witsken & Altaf Merchant.
  • In Men's Pro Singles (Thursday), there's a field of 21 competitors. Likely favorites include Zane Navratil, Jw Johnson, John Cincola, Ryan Sherry, Dylan Frazier, and Jack Foster.
  • In Women's Pro Singles (also Thursday), the field has 7 contestants. Likely favorites include Jorja Johnson and Andrea Koop.
  • In Mixed Pro Doubles (Friday), we have 21 teams in the field.  Some of the likely favorites include Andrea Koop & Zane Navratil, Vivienne David & Dekel Bar, Michelle Equivel & Kyle Yates, Corrine Car & Adam Stone, Lee Whitwell & Jw Johnson, Wes Gabrielsen & Simone Jardim, Martina Kochli & Altaf Merchant.
  • In Women's Pro Doubles (Saturday), we have 10 teams in the draw.  Likely favorites include Andrea Koop & Simone Jardim, Jw Johnson & Lee Whitwell, Vivienne David & Corrine Carr, Sarah Ansboury & Michelle Esquivel.
  • In Men's Pro Doubles (also Saturday), we have 23 teams in the draw. Likely favorites include Adam Stone & Dekel Bar, Callan Dawson & Spencer Smith, Zane Navratil & Altaf Merchant, Eden Lica & Andrei Daescu, Kyle Yates & Austin Gridley, Wes Gabrielsen & Jw Johnson, Rob Cassidy & Dylan Frazier, John Cincola & Johnny Goldberg, Ryan Sherry & Jonny Pickleball Andrews.

WHO: Find the full player list and brackets on

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