APP Delray Beach Open: Thu Mar 15 - Sun Mar 22, 2022

APP Delray Beach Open

APP Delray Beach Championship Sunday

Note: No women's doubles today according to this FB post:After a withdrawal due to injury, your Delray Beach Pickleball Open Women's Pro Doubles gold medalists are Andrea Koop and Simone Jardim! šŸ„‡ Ā Congratulations to Maggie Remynse & Susannah Barr on earning the silver medal!


  • Thu Mar 17 - Pro Men's & Women's Singles
  • Fri Mar 18 - Pro Men's & Women's Doubles; Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles.
  • Sat Mar 19 - Pro Mixed Doubles; Sr. Pro Men's & Women's Doubles.
  • Sun Mar 20 - Championship Sunday for Pro events; Singles for Sr. Pro Men & Women.

HOW TO WATCH: The livestream will be starting each day at, I believe, 10am ET / 7am PT. Ā And I believe all days will be broadcast to APPā€™s YouTube Channel and APPā€™s Facebook page. Ā Please subscribe to this website for updates.


  • This tournament will be played at Delray Beach Tennis and Pickleball Center in Florida. Ā 
  • The weather forecast for Delray Beach, FL looks like we'll be battling some afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Hosted by Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu, the purse is $60,000. Ā 
  • This is a "Tier 1" APP event, so the "Championship Sunday" format will be in effect.

WHO: Find the full player list and brackets on

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