APP Chicago Open: Fri Sep 3 - Sun Sep 5, 2021 (Recap)

APP Chicago Open

SPOILER ALERT: The results of this tourney are published below.  If you don't want to know who won, then STOP reading this, and go watch the matches on APP’s YouTube Channel.

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  • Men's Pro Singles – Jay Devilliers, Zane Navratil, Dylan Frazier.
  • Women's Pro Singles - Jade Kawamoto, Megan Charity, Lauren Stratman.
  • Pro Mixed Doubles – Susannah Barr & Zane Navratil, Michelle Esquivel & Jw Johnson, Lauren Stratman & Dylan Frazier.
  • Pro Men's Doubles – Zane Navratil & Altaf Merchant, Jay Devilliers & Adam Stone, Rob Cassidy & AJ Koller.
  • Pro Women's Doubles – Susannah Barr & Lauren Stratman, Andrea Koop & Corrine Carr, Jackie Kawamoto & Jade Kawamoto.


  • Sr. Pro Men's Singles – Paul Olin, Scott Moore, Rick Witsken.
  • Sr Pro Women's Singles – Julie Johnson, Jen Lassandro, Mary Beth Henthorne.
  • Sr. Pro Mixed Doubles – Gina Cilento & Dave Weinbach, Julie Johnson & Mircea Morariu, Eva Welsher & Dave Fleming.
  • Sr. Pro Men's Doubles – Dave Weinbach & Mircea Morariu / Rick Witsken& Jose Derisi (Co-Gold medalists due to weather), Scott Moore & Scott Crandall (Bronze)
  • Sr. Pro Women's Doubles – Eva Welsher & Linda Thompson / Julie Johnson & Kim Kesner (Also Co-Gold medalists due to weather), Pam Gilbert & Sue Johnston (Bronze).

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TIDBITS OF INTEREST (written before the event):

  • In Mixed Doubles (Friday), a few of the likely favorites are Andrea Koop & Jay Devilliers, Michelle Esquivel & Rob Nunnery, Lauren Stratman & Dylan Frazier, Susannah Barr & Zane Navratil, Sarah Ansboury & Rafa Hewett, and Katie Dyer & Altaf Merchant. But pay close attention to these youngsters: Alix Truong (16) & William Sobek (17).
  • In Men's Pro Doubles (Saturday), I believe this is a first time pairing for Jay Devilliers & Adam Stone. (Where's Pat? Where's Dekel? Not sure.) Several other likely favorites include Zane Navratil & Altaf Merchant, Rob Cassidy & Rob Nunnery, Rosti & William Sobek (father-son team). Noticabley absent: Jw Johnson. He's been on fire lately, so he'll be missed.
  • In Women's Pro Doubles (also Saturday), a few of the likely favorites are Lauren Stratman & Susannah Barr, Michelle Esquivel & Sarah Ansboury, Andrea Koop & Corrine Carr, Kasandra Gehrke & Katie Dyer, and the sisters Jackie & Jade Kawamoto.
  • In Men's Pro Singles (Sunday), the draw is deep once again at 34 players! A few of the favorites include Jay Devilliers, Zane Navratil, Dylan Frazier, Frank Anthony Davis, John Cincola, Rafa Hewett, and Rob Cassidy.
  • In Women's Pro Singles (also Sunday), the draw is not quite as deep with 6 players competing. Includes the likely favorites Lauren Stratman and Jade Kawamoto. But don't count out the youngster, Alix Truong.

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